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Diabeties and Medication

Diabetes Diet & Medication

You may need insulin or other medications based on your symptoms, complications you may be experiencing or your blood sugar levels, and these should be discussed with your doctor and your health care team. In addition to the severity of your symptoms, your diet and exercise habits will play a role. If you do not live a healthy lifestyle or plan to engage in healthy activities you will most definitely need medication.

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Diabetes medication is usually in the form of insulin or in a pill that is designed to lower blood glucose. Aside from pills, options including injection drugs. Each of these pills and drugs works in different ways and some people need both insulin and pills. Medications should be taken in addition to meal planning and physical activity.

Diabetes Clinical Trials

At Aventiv Research we are performing diabetes clinical trials which could lead to a treatment of diabetes. If you would like to participate in an excellent opportunity to become a part of this discovery and have access to the medication before it even hits the market, learn how you can participate in a diabetes clinical trial.

Diabetes Resources:

We are always looking for ways provide diabetes information to those who need it most. Bellow you will find diabetes resources to help you answer some of the question you may have about diabetes.

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