Our Phoenix Outpatient Research Facility

Phase 2-4 pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic clinical trials

Centricity Research provides outpatient clinical research trials in a modern 2,500 square foot facility located at 215 South Power Road, Mesa, AZ, 85206. Our research center offers a comfortable reception area, private exam rooms, large community patient lounge, conference room, and free parking. A referring hospital, dialysis units, local labs, and radiology facilities are all nearby.

Phoenix Outpatient Facilities Overview:

We utilize CRIO, the industry’s leading eSource, CTMS, and eRegulatory software for clinical trial sites. CRIO is a holistic paperless platform for conducting clinical trials that reduces data errors, streamlines regulatory workflows, and accelerates timelines.

  • Phase 2-4 pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic clinical trials
  • 2,500 square foot outpatient facility
    • Comfortable reception area
    • 2 private exam rooms
    • Meal delivery available
    • Wireless internet
    • Conference room
  • IATA and CLIA certification
  • -20 degree freezer
  • 2-8 Celsius refrigerator
  • ABPM, ultrasounds, Infusions, IVs, ECGs, Serial PKs
  • Double locked, monitored drug room
  • Annually calibrated equipment
  • Dedicated lab area
  • Temperature controlled via Checkpoint Continuous Monitoring System with alarms
  • Locked, fire-resistant storage for archived materials
  • Documentation of temperature logs taken daily of both freezer and refrigerator
  • Banner Desert Medical Center is located 3 miles away
  • Contracts with dialysis units, local labs, and radiology facilities

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IATA Certification

Centricity Research is IATA certified. The IATA (International Air Transport Association) has specific guidelines for handling and transportation of dangerous goods/hazardous substances. All personnel handling these substances require certification. Learn More About IATA Certification.

CLIA Certification

Centricity Research Laboratories are CLIA certified. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA). This program monitors all clinical laboratories for compliance to federal (42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 493 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 – CLIA) and state requirements (Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3725 Plasmapheresis Centers) Learn More About CLIA certified.

Ready to Learn More?

If you are a sponsor interested in learning more about Centricity Research and our phase 2-4 clinical study capabilities, please contact Rachel Benz at (614) 336-7880 x 2011 or rachel.benz@centricityresearch.com.