July 9, 2016

Low Testosterone? You’re not alone.

lowsexdrive1 (1)Low Testosterone, or hypogonadism, is the butt of many jokes, but for thousands of men, it’s no joking matter and a part of their everyday life. So, why the stigma around Low T? For years, testosterone has been thought of as the hormone that makes men, men.

As we age, testosterone levels naturally decline. However, as diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure are on the rise, more and more men will experience Low T at a younger age.

Wondering if you or someone you love may have Low T? Read on to learn more about options regarding Low T.

Is it low testosterone?

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of Low T are lack of energy, decreased sex drive, decrease in muscle mass, an increase in stored fat, as well as erectile dysfunction. Because many of these symptoms are quite personal, many men wait years before addressing the issue. Physicians can complete a variety of tests to check testosterone levels, and then move forward with different treatment options.

So its Low T, what’s next?

After a physician confirms low testosterone levels, they may discuss treatment options. The most popular options for regulating hormone levels are injections, implantable pellets, gels and testosterone patches. Typically patient preference and hormone levels affect which treatment is appropriate.

Are there any other options?

Research studies for those with Low T are currently taking place at Aventiv Research in the Columbus area. Study participants will have their testosterone levels checked at no cost, receive complimentary study-related care from a board certified physician, and receive compensation for time and travel. To apply for a study in your area, click below.

To learn more about these testosterone study opportunities, call as at Aventiv at (614) 501-6164 or click below to apply for more information.


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