May 29, 2013

How a Clinical Trial Could Save Your Life

Receiving the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease can be scary and overwhelming. Your mind races with questions. What does this mean for me and my family? Can I afford the treatment I need? What are my options?

Participating in a clinical trial offers no guarantees, but for many the potential gain will outweigh the risk involved. And taking part in a clinical trial could save your life.

Becoming a clinical trial volunteer affords you access to groundbreaking medications and treatments that are not yet available to the public. You will also benefit from the support of healthcare providers at the forefront of research and access to superior facilities.

When faced with a life-threatening diagnosis, it is important to ask questions and become informed about your options. If standard treatment does not provide a good solution for you, or if your doctors have tried those methods without success, a clinical trial could offer the solution you need.

Clinical trials do not come without risks. By definition, they involve many unknowns. Take the time to understand any side effects you might experience. Experimental treatments and the accompanying tests and care are often free to participants. Make sure you understand any costs for which you will be responsible, and check with your insurance provider. Many providers will not cover expenses for experimental medications and procedures. All of those considerations should be discussed with your doctor, who can help you determine if a trial is right for you.