For Physicians

There are few absolutes in science, and without inquiring minds, medicine will stand still. By working together, we can help put an end to illness.

Caring for People and About People Is Why We Do What We Do

Every clinical trial is a study of a new medicine and treatment for a specific illness or ailment. Volunteers who participate in our studies entrust us with their health and well-being. We take that trust very seriously and approach every part of our work with the intention of creating the best experience for each patient.

Think About What’s Possible

Engaging in clinical research provides physicians the opportunity to improve patient care, further scientific and medical advancement, and earn potential added revenue.

Put People First

Clinical trials could provide your patients access to treatment options otherwise unavailable and medical care at no cost. We provide them the support and research knowledge needed.

Strive for Excellence

Treating patients compassionately while accurately collecting information is how we help drug manufacturers (our sponsors) improve the medicines they make.

At Centricity Research, we value, recognize, and reward physicians from every specialty who entrust us to care for their patients. If you have a patient that you feel could benefit from one of our clinical trials, we welcome your referral!

Partnerships & Affiliations

Centricity Research has developed partnerships with many physicians and their local practices to offer the highest level of commitment to patient care through clinical research.