October 6, 2020

Company Wide Wellness Day—Taking Employee Wellbeing into Our Own Hands

Wellness Days Off Awarded to Employees Globally

As we head into the eighth month of a global pandemic, no one could have predicted the changes that companies would be forced to face. Working from home certainly presents its own difficulties. With staff being distanced from the office environment and collaborative company culture—motivation is at an all time low. A collective wellbeing holiday is one of the newly found effective ways to lower employee burnout, boost company satisfaction, reward employees for their hard work, and promote a healthy work-life balance.

Aventiv’s Inspiration to create a #WellnessDay

So where did Aventiv get the inspiration to host a wellness day for employees and why NOW? Dr. Samir Arora spoke on this noting, “We had done something like this for our ten year anniversary. I had also noticed that with the Covid vaccine study, everyone had worked really hard and I wanted to do something more than just the normal.” Incentive Days reward hard working staff by allowing them to come together outside of an office environment to connect and enjoy each other’s company. Dr. Arora adds, “It was a way for all of our remote workers to engage with their counterparts and communicate and spend some time together.”

#AventivIncentive Setting the Stage for the Future?

With what seems like a permanent shift in the nation’s work culture as a result of the global pandemic, will companies use wellness days as a new tool to foster a healthier work environment and contribute to preventative health? Before the pandemic, the most common way to show appreciation for valued staff was through office parties, goodies in the break room, or office games. With many people going remote or hybrid, Dr. Arora mentions, “I felt the ongoing pandemic, political climate and civil unrest had taken a toll on all of us. Sometimes these small surprises help people feel better and give a little joy. In the end, if people are happy, they are more productive at work.”

How did the #AventivTeam Spend their Wellness Day?

Dr. Arora was adamant about everyone taking the designated time to catch up on sleep, family events, a hobby, and take full advantage of the day. So how did our Aventiv Team indulge themselves? An employee at our Phoenix location caught up on some much needed hiking time and took in the scenery of the surrounding area. Others took a quick flight to a fun destination last minute to maximize their bonus day. Some of our Columbus employees spent quality time with family, friends, and pets, while others got outside for some exercise and fresh air. This much needed wellness day was certainly not taken for granted by our amazing Aventiv Team. Everyone treated themselves in a fun way to recharge and come back to work with a mental reboot.

Is this the new norm?

The response we have seen from this wellness day off is positively overwhelming—so where do we go from here? When the global pandemic settles down and some remain remote or hybrid indefinitely, should wellness days take precedence to promote productivity and satisfaction? Dr. Arora adds, “I do think there is potential to make this an annual occurrence, with group activities and fun events.” As of right now, a collective wellbeing day has been 2020 exclusive, but looking to the future, it could be a holiday that is critical to “work from home” culture and integrated into the calendar in years to come.


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