Infant Formula


Infants between 7-42 days of age

Study Topic


Baby formula clinical trials are an important aspect of ensuring the nutritional values and effectiveness of infant formulas. Studies on infant formulas are frequently done prior to introducing a new formula to the market. All studies are carefully monitored to ensure the safety and development of all babies that participate in the trials.

This study will compare a new baby formula and its effectiveness compared to other products that are currently on the market. These studies help the industry to understand the changing needs of babies and how they react to different ingredient compositions. Infants that participate in the study will be closely monitored by medical professionals to see to that their safety is ensured, with regular assessments taken to measure their growth and development.

The infant formula study is looking for:

  • Infants between 7-42 days of age
  • Infants who are exclusively formula-fed
  • Parents who can commit to 3 office visits taking place over a 29-day period

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