Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria (Hives) Study


18 and Over


Dublin, OH


Up to $525*

Urticaria Trials in Columbus

Aventiv Research is currently participating in an Urticaria study at our Dublin, Ohio location. Urticaria (hives) are often caused by an allergic reaction to a food or drug. About 20% of all people get hives and usually, they go away quickly. For a small number of people though, hives come back again and again, with no known cause.  Chronic spontaneous urticaria, or hives, is a debilitating disease characterized by itchy red or skin-colored welts lasting for more than 6 weeks.

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Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria Study

The primary objective of this clinical trial is to is to assess the efficacy and safety of an investigational drug in adults with chronic spontaneous urticara (hives). You may be eligible to participate if:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You have had a diagnosis of chronic spontaneous urticaria for at least 6 months
  • Your chronic spontaneous urticaria is inadequately controlled by H1-antihistamines

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Volunteer today to see if you qualify for our Hives clinical research study. *Qualified volunteers may be compensated for time and travel.