CCR’s Dr. Roy C. St John Advances Pulmonary Health Through Research

Medical clinical trials are vital to advancing the art and science of medicine. Trials and research studies tell us whether a new potential treatment works, if it’s safe and what doctors need to look out for when striving to make the best decisions for their patients.

Since Columbus Clinical Research’s founding in 2007, we have worked with over 55 pharmaceutical companies and other research organizations to do our part improving medicine and public health.

Dr. Roy C. St John in an instrumental part of CCR’s plans to help those future generations through pulmonary research. Dr. St John has 25 years of pulmonary medicine care experience and research through his private practice and his work teaching at The Ohio State University and Wright State University schools of medicine. He will help CCR’s patients and study participants make lung injury and respiratory failure much more survivable in the future.

Dr. St John’s published works have helped other pulmonary doctors treat their patients. His articles include:

Immunologic therapy for ARDS, septic shock, and multiple-organ failure. Dr. St. John reviewed microbiological treatments for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, septic shock and multiple-organ failure to see if these individual treatments are reducing mortality from these diseases.

Health maintenance update: Guidelines for the physician and patient. In this practical article, Dr. St. John created sample forms and guidelines to help doctors record disease screening information.

Analysis of airflow obstruction by bronchoavleolar lavage following bone marrow transplantation. Implications for pathogenesis and treatment. In this study, Dr. St. John discovered how graft v. host disease can cause lung disease after bone marrow transplants.

Tracheal stenosis and failure to wean from mechanical ventilation due to herpetic tracheitis. This article presents a case study about a patient with COPD and respiratory failure who couldn’t be weaned from a respirator because of herpes simplex virus, which wasn’t previously considered.

Postoperative respiratory failure due to acute eosinophilic pneumonia. This article gives a case study about an aneurysm repair patient who had respiratory failure because of white blood cell related inflammation rather than the more commonly considered infections.

Increased intestinal protein permeability in a model of lung injury induced by phorbol myristate acetate. This study evaluated what happens to other organs in the body as a result of systemic inflammation from adult respiratory distress syndrome.

Acid aspiration-induced acute lung injury causes leukocyte-dependent systemic organ injury. This study researched how inflammation cells circulated through the body after a lung injury caused by acid.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; less common causes. This article provides a way for doctors to evaluate COPD in young or non-smoking patients.

CCR welcomes Dr. St John to the team and looks forward to helping him continue to improve lung health for everyone. To learn more about Dr. St John, his research work and what studies he is participating in currently, please visit his bio page.

Research Study of an Investigational Inhaled Medication

Do you have COPD? Symptoms of COPD may include:

  • • Trouble breathing
  • • A persistent cough
  • • Wheezing

If you’re age 40 or older, and you have COPD. Call about our Research Study of an Investigational Inhaled Medication. Qualified participants must be smokers or ex-smokers. Those who qualify receive:

  • • Study-related care
  • • Study medication
  • • Compensation for time and travel

Call toll-free: 1.866.960.8383

Supporting Research One Step at a Time


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