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Clinical Trials and Medical Research Studies
in Columbus, Ohio, Phoenix, Arizona, and Erie, Pennsylvania

Why Participate in Clinical Trials

Medical research cannot advance without the use of clinical trials. Before a new drug or medical device can be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it must be tested and proven to be effective and safe in its intended use.

Clinical trials may also compare the effectiveness of a new treatment to a standard one, investigate the effectiveness of combined treatments, research new uses for an existing drug or compare a drug against a placebo.

Through clinical trials, the medical community learns improved treatment methods, finds ways to prevent disease or the spread of a disease, improves diagnoses of disease and explores methods to improve the quality of life for people who are chronically ill.

People who take part in clinical trials gain access to new treatments not readily available. They will often also have access to superior medical care at a leading healthcare facility. In many cases participants will be compensated for time, travel and inconvenience related to the trial in addition to the free treatment they receive. In all cases, clinical study volunteers earn the satisfaction of contributing to the greater good and potentially helping someone else with a similar condition.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility, or have questions about taking part in a clinical research study, speak with your physician. Our goal is to respond to all initial clinical trial inquiries within 24 hours. If you contact us over the weekend we will do our best to get back in touch with you on the next business day.

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